Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wood grades in a market of cheap wood

I had an interesting conversation with our wood supplier- Nelson Lumber.  I learned two things:

One: Then don't make finger-jointed studs at the moment, because wood prices are dirt cheap. We were thinking of using finger-jointed wood studs as they are sometime more straight and true than dimensional, standard lumber. They are also made of smaller pieces of wood, allowing for the reuse of wood off cuts.

Two: Because lumber prices are so low, the lumber mills are sneaking in poorer quality grades in their lifts. So, when we want select, clear, number one grade wood, we are going to see some crappy wood mixed in, as they mills try to pawn off the bad stuff.

Apparently, we will just have to put the crap wood aside and have it replaced by Nelson for the next batch.

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