Saturday, September 18, 2010

Basement Insulated!

Matt placing the last piece of insulation!
We should have worn sunglasses. The white was very bright.

Matt and I spent the better part of today putting up expanded polystryrene insulation [EPS] on the inside of the basement walls.  Surprisingly, we finished in a day.

And to think, the quote I got for someone to do this was $3 per square foot! I think I saved about $1500 by having Matt lead the way in putting the insulation up. I was somewhat helpful.

We fastened them to the wood ladder that was formed at the top of the concrete wall, and put up two layers of 2" thick pieces. The stud interior wall will push up against the insulation and keep in in place. Hence, all the wood propping the insulation.

Hopefully, the framer will start on Monday.  I pray there are no gail force winds to destroy our handiwork.


  1. What do you do in all this rain? Do you cover it all up?

  2. Thank goodness the EPS styrofoam insulation doesn't suck up moisture. The water that gets behind the insulation and the concrete will be sucked up by the concrete, as it is relatively new.

    It should dry up eventually- esp. since our dry winter is around the corner!