Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A pick up truck full of doors!

I was able to salvage these 20 white doors from a house that was demolished in the west end. I will post later on the other great bits and pieces I pulled out of there.

I can't believe they are all weird dimensions. They all vary in width from 27 1/4"  to 33 3/4" wide as well as height, 80"  to 81 3/4".  I guess we will have to cut them down to a consistent height, and have fun making very particular frames for them. The fun never stops!

Any advice on how to cut them down?

And thanks to Zoie & Doug for lending me a big truck to be able to grab these from my friends at Rescom- who stored them for a couple months!


  1. Most doors are hollow, and only have a couple of inches worth of wood on top/bottom. When cutting to get them to the same size, you should consider cutting at both top and bottom, and try to get the doorknobs at the same height.

  2. Why use them just as doors? They could be used as inside walls where sound proofing is not an issue. Or to add sound insulation, you can use a 3 layer design where a door is on either side and insulation is in the middle, or even filling the doors with insulation to improve soundproofing. You could also remove the fronts and backs and use them as wall coverings instead of just paneling, or as wall protectors where chairs will be moved around and bang into walls. My point is that they ARE doors right now, but they could be used for many purposes that are either structural and stylish, or possibly both.

  3. Thanks for your comments Al & Quasi Skinny Guy!

    The doors we salvaged are SOLID wood doors.

    We are planning to reuse the doors AS DOORS because they are in very good shape and we need doors anyway. They are also too short to be used as a wall, although I really like your idea for wainscotting or finding a re-purpose for them!

  4. Ahhhhhrghh. Dooors. Ugh. I regret taking my doors down and thinking I could refinish/re hardware them. Big waste of time really.