Sunday, September 12, 2010

How would you reuse these?

After the formwork for the foundation wall came down, there were dozens of these little metal clips littering the ground.   I gathered about 4 or 5 kilograms worth!  I also gathered up the straighter concrete and other nails that were strewn across the area.

How would you reuse these clips?

I'm thinking I can put a chain on them and sell  "dogtags"  Any takes at $4.99? [I have to pay for the mortgage somehow!]

I'm shocked at the complete waste of materials that can be observed on construction sites.


  1. Hey K~ Do you want to make it a knit/metal hybrid piece of armour perhaps? ;)

  2. Those metal clips might make for interesting installation work, bordering a room at regular intervals or some other installation.  Depends on what your decorator may think...

  3. If you were to paint them different and bright colours you could make them into wind chimes.

  4. Chandelier or lamp shades!

  5. I love all the ideas! Lol.

    When I first saw these clips littering the site I wondered at the waste of it all. In fact, before we could collect the whole lot, the ones around the basement perimeter were buried with the weeping tile. Such waste :(
    At least Shafraaz was able to salvage the clips scattered about the interior.

    My idea was to use them as a screen or wall: linking them together chainmail-like and hanging it on the northern side of the front-door porch area. It may be nice to have a bit of shelter or privacy without the heaviness of a real wall. Plus, being hardware, it'll complement Shafraaz's corrugated steel on the exterior and his sensibilities.

    And, it could become a trellis... maybe.

    Hmmmmm, but what's the best way to do this?! And how many hours will it consume? Because, ya know, I have soooooo much spare time ;-)

  6. It is such a waste how much is left unusable on construction sites.

  7. heres an idea that is a bit off the wall but i think would be interesting. A little time consuming, but interesting for either an outdoor deck or a novelty floor for room like maybe a bathroom. Lay these metal clips flat and then use a sealer or even some form of concrete to hold them in place and therefore giving you a very different floor. The same has been done with pennies:

    But this might be a way to reuse these clips as long as there are no sharp edges.

  8. Serena - Earrings.

  9. Unfortunately, Serena's ears aren't pierced. And you can only have so many pairs of the same earring.