Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Main Floor Plans -- Not Quite 3-D, but Surreal

A Gorgeous Evening at the Site

Adar and I took advantage of the wonderful weather yesterday to explore our new property and investigate the building progress. I was delighted to note the main floor had been mostly mapped out, complete with labels... like "door."

Main Floor Mapped Out... Mostly
Reading In Bedroom, Note 'Door' Label
Ignoring safety guidelines and throwing caution to the wind, we hopped up and wandered through our various main floor rooms. We traversed the hallway from the front door to the back door, we laid down where our beds will eventually rest, we stepped into closets, and we even walked through walls! Actually, it was very surreal. Knowing which rooms we were in and having no walls to obstruct our views of the valley was simply amazing; this is not an opportunity to be missed and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Many friendly neighbours were out and about and we fielded several questions. A couple of young women, out walking their dogs, were curious about the floor layout. They began by asking Adar where he was sitting. Easy enough. Adar readily explained that he was currently reading in his bedroom with the room beside him being the Reiki room. And then they had to turn to me and ask where I was sitting. Sigh. You see, at that very moment, I was sitting exactly where the toilet was to be installed and I'm way too honest for my own good! They very politely informed me there were no walls and that I could be seen.
Cloud Gazing From Our Beds

It was an amazing evening with a beautiful sunset.


  1. It must be amazing to see the house growing! I love seeing the pictures and you are doing an awesome job with your writing. LOL ... it is good to have polite neighbours :).

    As much fun as it seeing the main floor mapped out (really gives a good idea as to how it will look) I absolutely love the "cloud gazing" picture and wonder if I might have permission to use that one on my website?

    The sunset is beautiful too ... just think ... you will have many of those to see!

  2. All photos are copyright protected. Even the lesser quality ones I take on the little canon :P

    But, for you Mom, I'll make you a deal... I'll charge twice the price ;-)

  3. Very cool! That'd be so much fun to explore the rooms like that. It'll be neat to have these memories (and pics).
    Nice photos!