Monday, March 26, 2012

What? We're still insulating?

Can you believe it? Today, I was insulating. We discovered that the basement suite wasn't as soundproof as we'd like and especially over / near the stair wells. When I started poking around for the cause [this was quite a while ago now], it turns out that the stair landings that separate our space from the basement suite were not insulated at all.  So, luckily we have somewhat removable carbonized wood floor boards to remove and I stuffed the cavities with insulation. Hopefully, that helps it a bit more. Otherwise, I'm sure to hear it from the boss.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colour testing continues!

I am stunned and worried about our ridiculous weather.  I have not had to do any colour testing of the carbonized wood in any snow or cold conditions, as I feared last fall. December, January, February and now March have been at worst, sweater weather. With no snow on the deck. I am wondering if the seasons actually shifted by 3 months...

Anyhow, today I did all the colour measurements solo, hauling the monster desktop tower PC with keyboard and colour analyzer. Wish I had an old laptop that runs Windows 98 and has a serial port!

The wood used as roof decking is already fading into brown-grey...  The soffit isn't fading nearly as fast.

Finishes from left to right: opaque red exterior paint, Behr stain, natural, polyurethane, varathane.

Some noticeable lifting strands of wood. 

Privacy finally! All our blinds are installed.

With the help of my Dad, we finally have all the window blinds installed.  It only tool seven months! We are using the "cellular" type that creates a little pocket of air in all the blind "slats." But as seen by the thermal camera, lots of cold comes in around the window frames...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tiling complete on 2nd Floor!

Hats off to Greg Basaraba who finished our 2nd floor shower! It has a nice dark brown, wavy accent tile that we thought mimics the trees outside the skinny window. So, now I have to finish installing all the bathroom accessories and build a carbonized wood bench!

Love the "tree" shower curtain!

Interesting vehicles visit our 'hood.

Interesting vehicles visit our neighbourhood! This was quite the vehicle that parked outside- apparently to scope out something in or near the river. What would one call this thing?