Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colour testing continues!

I am stunned and worried about our ridiculous weather.  I have not had to do any colour testing of the carbonized wood in any snow or cold conditions, as I feared last fall. December, January, February and now March have been at worst, sweater weather. With no snow on the deck. I am wondering if the seasons actually shifted by 3 months...

Anyhow, today I did all the colour measurements solo, hauling the monster desktop tower PC with keyboard and colour analyzer. Wish I had an old laptop that runs Windows 98 and has a serial port!

The wood used as roof decking is already fading into brown-grey...  The soffit isn't fading nearly as fast.

Finishes from left to right: opaque red exterior paint, Behr stain, natural, polyurethane, varathane.

Some noticeable lifting strands of wood. 

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