Monday, March 26, 2012

What? We're still insulating?

Can you believe it? Today, I was insulating. We discovered that the basement suite wasn't as soundproof as we'd like and especially over / near the stair wells. When I started poking around for the cause [this was quite a while ago now], it turns out that the stair landings that separate our space from the basement suite were not insulated at all.  So, luckily we have somewhat removable carbonized wood floor boards to remove and I stuffed the cavities with insulation. Hopefully, that helps it a bit more. Otherwise, I'm sure to hear it from the boss.

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  1. I think every house has places they wish they could add insulation. You guys, however, have a place that is a little more convenient to access. For the home-renoers who forget to insulate bathroom walls, after everything gets dry-walled and painted... now that is a different story!