Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gah! Why we should always have roof overhangs...

Well, another lesson learned.

This picture shows water dripping on the siding and how
the eavestrough wasn't al that effective. 
In my architectural stubbornness, I didn't create an overhang on the north face of the house, thinking it would be flashed and peel & sticked and sealed sufficiently.

So, it was with much disappointment that we found the window at the top of our stairwell leaking.  Somehow, water was finding it's way into the window or getting behind the exterior wall sheathing. After getting the roofer to double check his work, it appears the weakness is the flashing of the roof over the exterior wall.

It seems there was not enough space for the eavestrough to be slipped under the metal drip flashing of the roof. So, the "caulked" gap between the flashing and the eavestrough failed. And water got in behind the siding, peel and stick and tyvek. Then found its way around the nail fin of the window and subsequently into the house.  Brilliant.

And that is when I really, really regretted not building an overhand on the north side of the house.

Lesson learned.

And in the spirit of learning more, I am trying out a product called "Encasement" to seal the gap between the flashing and eavestrough.

My friends over at King Edward Sustainable House are giving it a go too.

We'll see how it works!

Water was dripping at the drywall/window joint.

There was a huge gap between the metal drip flashing and the eavetrough. Not good.

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