Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Colour testing! with a more portable machine!

Another big thanks to Philip Mees who loaned me an old PC laptop running Windows 98 that will work with our colorTron software and light spectrometer!

Robert, Felicity and I made some measurements of the dry bits of wood.  The last couple days have been rainy and hopefully I'll complete colour readings tomorrow, or by the weekend.

The wood decking is showing signs of wood splintering and checking- much more than the wood used vertically or on the underside of the wood soffit.  Robert was wondering if its because we planed the wood, but didn't sand it.

I'm wondering if it's just because it is getting much more standing water on it.  We'll see.

Felicity checkin' out the BBQ.  Rob workin' the ColorTron 2000.

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