Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dust bunnies. Or why not to have black floors.

We are slaves to our black floors.  I'll let my wife expound on how she "told me so" and again, how I was too stubborn to listen. (Is anyone seeing a theme developing here? Don't answer that.)

So, we are finding every little crumb, drop, and what have you shows up on our black floors. 

And then there are the scratches.  Black isn't forgiving. So, I've accepted it as "markers of our life" and hopefully I can remember the story and reason behind most of the scratches.  If not, I'll make them up. * Sigh. *  But they look great for the 30 seconds after we clean them!

Oh- by the way- there was a practical reason to have them black: solar gain. With the matte finish, they warm up nicely as the winter sun beams through the windows.

On the wish list for Xmas: one of those robotic vacuums that will zip around and suck all the dirt.

1 comment:

  1. The only thing worse is having a big white cat who sheds copiously year round. Bad choice for an architect who usually wears black....what was I thinking?

    And, yes, Roomba to the rescue!