Saturday, September 11, 2010

The pipes coming under the footing...

September 11, 2010

Here is an interesting photo of the north east corner of the house.

This is where the mechanical room will be in the basement. It shows:

- the grounding rod- that will be tied to the electrical panel, so that the third prong of all our electrical plug-ins get grounded!

- the water line- the small semi-rigid 3/4" thick umbilical chord to fresh Edmonton water

- the sewer drain. for you know what.

- the weeping tile drain.

This morning I spend a good hour scraping all the clay out of the weeping tile drain.  I wonder why no one bothered to put a cap on it, when the placed it in the ground before the footings were poured. and I fear I will have to dig up the tile on the other side of the wall to ensure it is actually connected.

And while I was on site today, I noticed this little hole.  Who lives or travels through here? It's about 75 mm in diameter.  A mouse?  A squirrel? Hmmm... Any ideas?


  1. Hi Shafraaz,
    I once had a discussion with our GC about weeping tile and sump pumps. She told me that European countries don't bring water from the weeping tiles into the house and then pump it out. Instead they put their sump pumps outside. Which in my non-architectural/builder mind made a lot of sense. Especially since most (all?) sumps are relatively inexpensive machines that run on electricity and are therefore prone to failure sooner or later. (The "failure" bit comes from personal experience.):)
    Just thoughts, Tadghe

  2. Shafraaz -

    Regarding the 'mystery hole', when I run along Ada Boulevard there's often ground squirrels nesting along the top of the river banks. Is your site zoned for multi-family, er, litters. (What is the term for a group of squirrels anyway?)

    Looking good!

  3. Tadghe!
    I wonder if we install sump pumps inside because they might freeze in our harsh winters- esp. during fall and spring freeze/thaw conditions? At any rate, I believe our sump pump and weeping tile is complete overkill for our site with silty clay on the top of a river bank!

  4. Bet its squirrels Shafraaz! I think I'd check the weeping tile too! Especially when a simple detail like that is overlooked.

    let us know how it turns out!