Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another "How to use this?" Post: Small pieces of insulation.

So, after insulating the basement, we have a small amount of rigid insulation left over!

I was surprised at how well the measurements/lengths of the house worked out to fit the 4'x8' sheets of insulation.  I think the trick is to actually use proportions in 4' intervals.

But we still have about 10 pieces ranging from 2'x2' to 3"x2" left over.  What to use them for? stuff the interstitial spaces between floor joists?

Any suggestions/ideas of how we might need them somewhere else?


  1. Build a light box for photographing small projects.
    They would make great castle walls for playmobil figurines (super thick fortifications!).

  2. nice idea, K!

    serena has a more practical idea: use the small pieces below the cast iron tub that we salvaged to insulate it!

  3. lol, awwwww, isn't that nice, Shafraaz is calling me practical! He fails to mention my first idea: that he designs an insulated dog house with it and we auction it off to the highest bidder so we can pay for the PV

  4. Then of course there is the Gramma's idea - a playhouse for the kids :).

    Or if you are keeping any trees then a treehouse .... seriously ... an insulated treehouse, what a treat!!!!

  5. Funny Umma, always thinking of the grand-babies! Unless there are more scraps of insulation in the future, there isn't even enough for the dog house I recommended :P

    Besides, Shafraaz seems awfully keen on my more practical idea of insulating the salvaged tub we have, thereby prolonging the hot bath experience. :)

  6. A few years ago I built a two level shelter for each of the two feral cats which had adopted me. I used wooden pallets as the framing for the structures. Scraps of SM insulation were inserted into the spaces between the cross members. The interior was covered in scrap 1/4 and 3/8 inch plywood. The exterior was scrap Aspenite. Extra lengths of Typar was the siding. The sloped flat roof was covered in waste pieces of 6 Mil Poly. Small windows I found at the dump were installed in the south wall to provide passive solar heating.
    I built a small bed box which was insulated with SM. The bedding was old blankets and towels I found at the local thrift store. On a cold sunny afternoon in January, the cats could be found stretched out in their sunny lofts - luxuriating in the benefits of solar energy.
    With a bit of imagination, a lot of construction waste can be diverted, reclaimed or repurposed.

  7. On the Mill Creek site, Conrad mentioned that he laid the scraps of rigid insulation on the ceiling in the attic. Then he covered this in cellulose. Good use of scraps, has thermal benefits, reduces waste and heating costs at the same time.

  8. Yep. Soon there were three of them!! I used to think I was more of a dog guy than a cat freak.
    After a couple of years, the kittens tamed and trained me enough that I let them take up residence in the house. Must be my soft head and a soft heart that did that.