Thursday, September 23, 2010

Progress on Framing

This was taken at 7:45am when I showed up on site.
At 7:45am, I was surprised to see a good 1/4 of the main floor joists in place!  Yay! And by the end of the day, it was 80% sheathed with plywood. The framer is returning on Monday to finish up the floor.

Next steps: plumbing rough-ins and pouring the concrete floors for the basement and main floor.

There are some issues to resolve as the site gets messy.  How do I get the framer and his crew to be very aware of the wood they are using? I'm creating sorted piles of 2x4s of different lengths- and I hope dearly that they will get into the habit of going to pick from the off-cut piles.

I also will emphasize that the site needs to be kept cleaner and even little things like water bottles need to go in blue bags for recycling. Small steps.
By 10am, more joists added!

Its gettin' messy.


  1. The best way to get the framers to use the leftover wood is just to ask them. They probably don't even realize the impact they could have if only they reused the scraps.

  2. Before the framers started, I explained that this house was to be resource and energy efficient- and have stated I wanted to create piles of scrap wood for re-use. I will have to remind them again [and again] I figure.

  3. Hi Shafraaz,
    It looks like you have the joists resting on a the single two by four cap of the basement wall. Is that right, or is there some other support I don't see?
    Joe Simons

  4. It is double 2x4 top plate. Over the basement windows, it is a 2 ply 14" thick LVL and the joists tie in with hangers.