Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Near the end of December our neighbourhood was flooded with waxwings. Flocks upon flocks! As I couldn't get close enough to them, I could not distinguish whether they were Bohemian (which is my guess) or Cedars. Migrating waxwings in such multitudes are quite the site, it was absolutely amazing; the trees appeared to grow new leaves...lol, brown ones... and the skies heaved in dotted waves.

And, yes, there are tons of rowan/mountain ash trees in our neighbourhood with at least two in our own yard. It never occurred to me that birds might fly into our house windows as we never had that issue in our current home. We will try silhouettes and certainly shiny objects. We'll use printed out silhouettes unless/until we can find static clings (I'm just not fond of the idea of tape residue on the windows). And I'm thinking of reusing old cd/dvd discs for now and crystals when we move in and things are more settled.

I want the birds to enjoy the trees, but not be negatively affected by our home!

Can You Spot the 2 Disgruntled Magpies?


  1. Serena:

    The Wildbird General Store on 99 street / 47 avenue (www.wildbirdgeneralstore.com) should have bird silhouettes, and may have more ideas about preventing bird strikes. I ended up sticking mine to the outsides of the windows. Because of the window coatings they are not very visible if you stick them to the inside. Good luck.

  2. Wow, now this is why one blogs, eh?! Thanks Philip, I had no clue about this store and, honestly, I would never have thought to even google it. John Janzen Nature Centre crossed my mind though. Awesome, we'll have to make a trip to that store then, thanks again... and for including the link!

  3. Spider web stickers work also, apparently. I've seen them sold as stickers that go in the corner of the windows in question. And you get the added benefit of a Halloween theme all year long.

  4. Lol, plywood_chair! That's right up my alley, but not Shafraaz's...guess I might have a good argument now ;-)