Thursday, January 13, 2011

More progress! Stair stringers and a power line!

Bright, shiny new power meter!
 I love it when people under promise and over deliver! Props to Epcor for getting a power line connected to our house in no less than -25 C weather and only a day after I called for a meter service connection! They told me to expect it install the week of Jan. 17th.

I saw a bright, shiny new power meter blinking 00:00 on our house! I tried to go flip the main breaker and connect a heater, but either I'm a bigger wimp than I thought or I need to know the trick to make this work.  Perhaps that metal tab in front of the breaker switch is in the way?  I couldn't tell in the dark. I only had my iPhone and a camera flash to light my way...

Stubborn main breaker switch!

Looking up at the stair well.

And in other brilliant, breaking news, we have our stair stringers in place!  Ready to be bolted together and lag screwed to the structure! It seems though the computer model and the reality are 1.5" off. I some how miscalculated the length of the short stringers so that it pushed the main stringer 1.5" closer to the outside wall. Oops.  I don't think it will be a big deal though. We still have a 3'-2" stair width. We designed the middle of the U-shaped stair to have an elevator/lift retrofitted into this space, if ever we are too frail or immobilized to use stairs. At the moment, I had the framer rig up a pulley so we can hoist up big, heavy things.