Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chimney installed!

The guys from Future Fireplaces installed the chimney to our future wood stove!  I had to shave the I-Joists myself, as they don't touch structure.  The trimmed I-joists will get some new plywood on either side to give it back some of it's strength. The chimney pipe will be enclosed and hidden on the roof deck level by the roof soffit that comes down to be a fascia.

Pipe penetrating the soffit.

The black drop box.

This is where they figured out the distance
the pipe should be from the interior stud wall.


  1. Nice blog. Interesting to see how things are progressing. I might have missed a post, but could you provide details on what you are doing to achieve net zero? i.e. r values and methods, passive solar, etc.

  2. Check out my post on Design Specifications for some of your questions:

  3. your chimney looks great, what a great job!