Saturday, January 22, 2011

Insulating Party!

Leendert scraping out the ice.

Sonny stuffs the cavities.

Eleanor cutting the Roxul.

We started insulating the outside wall cavities!  And when I say "we," it is due to the great help I received from Zoie, Doug, Sonny, Eleanor and Leendert!  We managed to scrap and chisel out the ice and snow from the loft and 2nd floor- and began stuffing the stud spaces will R12 Roxul insulation. Since I have help with the labour, it's better than the cost of blow-in cellulose.  Hopefully, Matt will be able to take over some of insulation work, as I have a business trip to Ottawa this week.

Night time insulatin'. 

Doug cuttin' er up!


  1. I realize this is an old post, but we are just in the process of building our own double-wall, super-insulated home in Saskatoon and this was the first time I heard of anyone using batt insulation rather than blown-in cellulose. I like the fact that you can install this yourself, so the cost would be less, but I thought that batt insulation was "friction fitted", meaning that it required studs on both sides in order to hold it in place. What happens in that void between the outer and inner studs to keep the insulation in place?


  2. Hello Gerry,
    The outside and inside stud walls have friction fitted insulation between the stud spaces.

    The cavity between the two studs has two layers of insulation placed horizontally and "sandwiched" between the outside and inside studs. It worked well.