Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stair stringers on site! Now, did anybody see my framer lately?

Dan Hlus of River City Metalworks using the stringers as furniture.

Now, where's that framing crew to install these?

Nice and tidy welds!

I really hope I didn't make any mistakes in locating the pre-drilled holes!

Why don't we leave steel as is more often?

The stair stringers were completed by River City Metalworks and delivered to site!  I visited their workshop to check the stairs one last time. We have decided to leave the steel in its natural state- I hope it won't rust! I am rushing now to finish the railing details so Dan and Jeff can get busy! I am going to experiement with using a plastic snow fence/landscape fencing material for the infill of the railing panels! It should be fun.


  1. There's no way we can leave steel (even interior) natural out here but I'm curious to see how it does on the prairie. If it does rust how are you going to deal with it? Electrostatic painting?

  2. The stringers aren't parts that will be touched by hands, so I [Shafraaz, speaking] would leave the rust! Then it will look like corten steel!

  3. the stringers look great! I can't wait to see them "live" and in place. And I'm encouraged that you have left yours untouched too.
    Yes. Those are beautiful welds.

  4. Lori-Ann: Please come for a tour when you're in town! I would love to show you the place, & stairs!