Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OK- I feel better now. Stringer replaced! Stair treads all in!

Ground floor to 2nd floor!

2nd floor to loft level!
Well, today was good. I met with the framers this morning and after two separate trips to the hardware store, and hand selecting the 2x8 piece of wood myself, I have a new stringer!  It wasn't as brutal as I imagined to replace- but still it was a lot of work, nonetheless. It would be a lot less work to replace the stringer now than to try to "hide" or celebrate the crappy stringer. So, that was the direction we chose.

I like Tony from Calibrated Homes.  He doesn't whine and complain about having to re-do something I want changed. I think he sees my logic and we work through problems together.  Another example happened today when I was on site and because the entire stair shifted to the north, the wall that was to separate our suite from the basement suite now needed to be pushed into our stairwell, so it could rest on the floor. So, we talked through how best to connect the wood stud walls to the underside of the stairs and off I went to the hardware store to get materials.  The problem was, I didn't hear my cell phone while I was there and I didn't get Tony's message to get a larger piece of wood.  But when I came back, we again talked through how to use the material we had to get the results I wanted. Cool.

Anyway, here are some nice pictures of our not-so-invisible stairs!

The stringer is fixed!


  1. Shafraaz, I can see why you were concerned by the stringer. The stairs look great.
    I can feel your smile from here.
    I noticed a cable is running down the center of the stairwell. Is this the Express Zip Line from the loft to the first level? - Jim

  2. Jim: Wow, you really look at the photos carefully! The cable is connected to a pulley at the top of the stairwell. We're using it to hoist material, and it was instrumental in having the steel stringers put in place! After construction, it will be our "dumbwaiter!" And perhaps if I get a harness, I might dare to zip down it!