Monday, January 10, 2011

Basement almost completely framed!

I was happy to see the basement almost completely framed up when I dropped by the site today. Just a few more walls to go.  The darn 1-piece tub isn't on site yet, so it's best not to put up the bathroom wall just yet!

And I was rather choked to see the amount of snow on the roof deck!  Gasp~ must shovel snow off roof so the roofer can finish the tiny bit left.

And another gorgeous sunset!


  1. Shafraaz and Serena,
    Happy New Year.
    The house looks great.
    It looks you are having a real winter. In Eastern Ontario, we are getting off very easy ... so far.
    I love the views from the roof deck. - Jim

  2. The snow on your deck is a pain in the butt now, but after your roofer finishes the deck, every inch of snow has about an r-1 value, so if you get a foot of snow up there, then you should have R12 more or less. And it's free!

  3. Wow ... guess its going to be time soon for Doug and I to come and help you insulate :) ... !!!!

    It's looking great. We're waiting for the call so don't forget to let us know when its time. Just can't be a Monday or Wednesday night!!!

  4. wow. it's looking good over there!!