Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Window Specs

Peaking Into My Own Home

Sorry for not putting in such details as window specs, I usually defer that to Shafraaz; my posts are usually more general updates or reflections.

But I figured other people may wish to know as well, so I'm copying Shafraaz's response to the last comment as a proper post. This also makes it easier to search for later.

"We have triple paned, argon filled, fibreglass framed windows from Duxton. All of the south side have high solar heat gain coatings and the east, west and north have TiAC40 coatings for better insulating value. We also put in operable lites to encourage cross ventilation through the rooms."

Hope that helps.
Keep the questions coming!


  1. I found your blog site after I stumbled upon the Mill Creek NZH site. I live in Eastern Ontario about an hour West of downtown Ottawa. I have been researching passive solar, energy efficient homes for a few years because my goal is to build a home which will have minimal impact on the environment. As your blog postings indicate, there are many details to think about, plan and organize. Thank you for taking the time and effort to record the progress. I have learned several useful lessons from your observations.
    Good luck with the project and enjoy your house.

  2. Thank you Jim, I'll take that good luck. I am very excited about our project and I can't wait till we move in! Actually, I'm just aiming for a roof and stairs at the moment ;-)

    Thanks for introducing yourself, I was wondering how you found out about us. I see Shafraaz has begun to answer some of your questions and he'll soon get to the rest.

    Good luck to you too on your minimal impact home!