Friday, December 10, 2010

Stair stringers in fabrication

Lots of dimensions on the drawings!
Large stringer taking shape.

Steel waiting to be transformed!
Today was exciting!  I was able to see the steel channels that are going to be fabricated into our stair stringers by Dan at River City Metalworks.  I am hoping to convince Serena to leave the steel natural- no primer, no paint- just steel.  I like the raw-ness of it.

And Serena was able to get up to the loft floor today- her first time up there. Now, if we can get those stingers installed, she might have more opportunity in the future [provided we get a door knob on the back door!]

Wrap around roof deck.
West side of roof deck.
Loft level~ lots of windows!


  1. I love windows :) - lots of light.

    If you want the steel natural does that mean rust and all? Or keeping the rust off and having the steel?

    I'd love to see a picture of how the west roof deck looks.

    Absolutely fantastic to see it shaping up so fast. This is the fun part where you do alot of work and actually see the results vs the first part where you do alot of work but don't yet see the results. :)

    Our cousin Rob tells me that he can now see your house from Rundle Park and the other side of the river. :)

  2. The steel will have the rust scrubbed off- but will show all the other bits of patina and variation of "colour."

    And I'll try to get a photo of the west roof deck...

  3. The progress looks tremendous.
    How will you seal and drain your deck area?

  4. Cool - as far as maintenance, a house can be pretty moist, does that mean the rust will have to be scrubbed off during the annual spring cleaning ;)??

    I was wondering about the deck drainage too?

  5. Jim: The deck will get a MBM roof membrane and it is sloped to drain to 2 scuppers that go to downspouts, which direct water into rain barrels.

    Celtic Peasant: I don't think it will be moist enough inside to rust the steel! After all, we have incredibly dry winters.