Sunday, December 5, 2010

We have a front & back door! {but no door knobs]

Our front door!
Putting in the back door!
We have a front and back door now, thanks to my friends Mike Gismondi and Lori-Ann Claerhout, who are almost complete building their super-efficient home in Athabasca. I learned a great deal by watching their house go up. And they recently passed the blower door test with a result of 0.63 Air Change per hour! I bought the two surplus, slate grey, triple paned, fibreglass doors from them!  I'm glad there is an element of their house that will show the continuity of the design process. Check out their blog- and their house has turned out beautifully, thanks to their very diligent contractor, Doug Hyde.


  1. Wow--they look great!!
    (and thanks for all of the plugs)
    You work fast on getting them up!

  2. Shafraaz, send me an email on whether you need a left-hand or a right-hand door as a temporary stand-in for these beauties. Can they have glass in them?