Thursday, December 9, 2010

We have a roof! [almost]

Looks like its the right shape!
Who's that on the roof?
What's different in the rendering?
View of the loft space- looking west.
The framers made good progress on the roof today- almost having it all sheathed. That was good, as there was a heavy snowfall warning issued today and it started to snow just as I arrived on site. The interior double stud walls were also put in place on the loft [3rd] floor. It was nice to see the overhang take shape too!


  1. You must feel very happy to see so much progress. Your computer rendering does not include any window overhangs, except for the South West corner. Will you add overhangs to reduce summer overheating? Jim

  2. Yes, we will hopefully have PV awnings over the south windows! If we run out of money this year, I will install some sunshades salvaged from a building our office renovated for a local credit union.

  3. Awesome to see all that progress.

    It looks like the windows to the (?) east are a little larger than the windows in the rendering. I notice cosmetic differences more than anything else - am I missing something?

  4. I was just curious the differences people would see from the rendering. One thing that's different are the mullions on the window frames. I obviously changed my mind at some point on which side the window would have an open-able section.