Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Framing Passed! Yay! But windows have issues! Doh!

Sunrise at 8:50am.

Sun at noon- right over the refinery.

90 bags of insulation. Anyone wanna' help install?
Green stickers make me happy. Mostly. 
We scheduled the framing inspection today, hoping to get a passing grade so we can start insulating the house.  Rant: Why, in this day & age, can't the city give a person a call when the inspector will be on route to the site? I needed to be there first thing in the morning - and had planned to stay until they came, as they would not even tell me if it would be the morning or afternoon.  I had Matt on standby to cover for me, just in case it may have happened in the afternoon, as I had a meeting at 1:30pm.

It was a cold morning at a -20C. When I got there, I decided to keep warm by shovelling all the snow off the loft level. My toes almost fell off from the cold. Thank goodness Dan, the framing inspector showed up around 10am.  We received a lovely "acceptable" sticker with a few issues.  One might be a problem.  Apparently our bedroom windows on the main floor don't open to provide a 15" wide clearance because the pivot for the casement is a couple inches offset into the frame. Doh! So, hopefully, we'll find a solution with Duxton. The other issues were known and the framer will be fixing them after the holiday break.

After just as the inspector was wrapping up, our big shipment of roxul mineral wool insulation arrived! Yay! All 90 bags of them! This will only be the first layer of the outer walls of all the floors above ground. After trying to "hand-bomb" a three-bag bundle into the house, I was afraid I would be too exhausted to move after doing it 29 more times. But I was much warmer due to all the exertion. Thank goodness Matt arrived just as I struggled with a couple more bundles! So, now to get the rest of the snow out of the house and out of all the stud spaces and start insulating! Any volunteers?


  1. Shafraaz, I don't want to make a comment which may seem too stupid, but I hope your roof and upper deck are absolutely water tight before you begin insulating. It would be very unwise to do the insulation first. Take care. -Jim

  2. Hello Jim!
    Yes, thanks for making sure we have a roof/upper deck that is water tight!

    I haven't posted that the roofers started on Tuesday! I won't do anything until their base sheet is on. Unfortunately, with it being -20, they did not do any work yesterday, and I doubt today... So, the insulating will have to wait.

  3. Thanks Shafraaz. I hadn't seen any posts which mentioned roofers. I tried to ask tactfully. Good luck with the waterproofing. - Jim

  4. Hi Shafraaz - we are really busy this weekend and pretty much right up to the 1st, but I can come and help on the 2nd if you are still insulating!! Let me know!

  5. When is the next insulating party?

  6. Dan: it'll be when the roofers have the finished the base sheet! Likely late next week, I hope! I'll post the party invite here!