Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bald Eagles?!

Loft, Open To Below. Dressed For the Weather. Brrr.
I find it amazing that construction continues during winter. As long as the temperature doesn't dip too low, the framers are out there working! Dressed for the weather, they get their jobs done. Unfortunately for me, our framers are working on other homes too. Today, they are at some other site even though they seem sooooo close to giving me a roof!

Much of the work this week has been on the third floor loft, but basement windows are now in place as are most of the stairwell windows.

Third Floor Balcony, South Exposure
With the advantage of height, the framers confided that they've spotted a bald eagle flying in the river valley a couple of times! How cool is that?!
I'm very excited ;-)

So far, Adar and I have seen the usual suspects: jack rabbits, Canada geese, mallard ducks, beaver, and muskrats. It will be so awesome living this close to the river valley and getting to know it even better!

Top of Stairwell Windows

Loft, aka Homeschooling Space. Already Messy!

From the Back Alley


  1. Hopefully the roof will come soon :)

  2. And watch out for those spandex clad runners out on the front street!


  3. Lol, for sure! There's definitely an infestation of spandex.

    Oh, does this mean I'll need to buy some to fit in? Oh no!

    Well, I guess it won't be too bad. However, I do draw the line at buying a dog just to fit in ;-)

  4. The framers saw a coyote today- at the top of the river bank.

  5. My mother-in-law when she lived there had fox in the yard and there are also lots of woodpeckers that come an visit.
    Looking good can't wait to see it finished.

  6. Wow, a fox. Hmmm, wonder if he'll come back after so much turmoil on his turf?! I love woodpeckers.

  7. And today we saw a huge flock of wax wings flying around!