Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Main Floor Windows Installed

Just a few photos to share.

No work was done today, but the main floor windows were installed after I left yesterday. Oh, that and they boarded up the house... I'm locked out

At least our windows are safe, lol!

Let Me In!!!!


  1. you should post your window specs....
    (I have enjoyed watching you build your house)

  2. Hello Anonymous!

    We have triple paned, argon filled, fibreglass framed windows from Duxton.
    All of the south side have high solar heat gain coatings and the east, west and north have TiAC40 coatings for better insulating value. We also put in operable lites to encourage cross ventilation through the rooms. Any other info requests?

  3. I noticed that there are strips of Tyvek run along each horizontal joint in the aspenite. I've never seen this done before. Can you explain why? Thanks. Jim

  4. The strips of tyvek are creating a "z" between the two pieces of OSB, so that it drains any moisture that gets into the gap. My framer tells me that the City of Edmonton likes to see this detail.

  5. Thanks. It makes sense. That's good to know.
    In the January 2011 Fine Homebuilding issue, one contractor mentioned that he tapes all the joints in the OSB to increase the air tightness. I wonder if this would eliminate the need for the Typar "Z".