Sunday, November 7, 2010

The disappearing sand pile!

The intimidating sand pile. It' taller than me.
My helpers who are awesome with shovels & rakes.
What? You still want to bloom in November?
We had a bunch of sand delivered and conveniently dumped through the large basement window! It seemed like an intimidating amount of sand!  On Sunday, with the help of my super Dad and friends, Arden and Deanna, we were able to spread it throughout the basement floor and rake it flat in 2 hours. Yay!  So, now we are ready for putting down 4" of polystyrene insulation, then poly vapour barrier then reinforcing mesh and then hopefully pouring concrete on top.  Perhaps we'll do that next weekend.  Any concrete-placing volunteers?


  1. As excited as I am for you regarding the progress - I have to say WOW - this time of year for such beautiful blooms??? At your new house? There just has to be a message in that ... seriously!!

    I do have a question for you. Since it is a suite mostly in the basement - how is the basement floor kept warm?

  2. The basement floor hopefully will be comfortable [not exactly "warm"] by having 4" of insulation below it. Most basements have none. We are also installing electric baseboard radiation units, that will provide the heat.