Thursday, November 4, 2010

And What Do We Do With These?!

Junk Or Art Installation?
Things are a bit slow going this week. In fact, not a thing has been done :(
We're waiting for the framers to finish their other project and return to ours. We are also waiting for basement sand and insulation, therefore, we will not be pouring the basement slab this weekend. C'est la vie!

This time we wonder what to do with these foot long yellow plastic leftovers. There are about 40 strips now, but there will inevitably be more. They are the screw gun "clips" or, at least, that's what Shafraaz tells me they are. I just see wasted poky plastic... hills of these must collect in our landfills.  But my creative banks seem exhausted today; I'm limited to joining everything together to make screens or plant trellises. Sigh.


  1. Can you weave? Basket? Mat for plant pots on a deck? If you melted the edge after weaving, they'd never pull apart...

  2. lol, I believe I've woven paper in my youth and that is about it. Kelly, are you offering to teach me? lol ;-)
    Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I was going to comment on the previous concrete pour....extra concrete seems like such a waste, and it is nearly inevitable unless you are the world's most accurate concrete calculator (and a really cool cucumber, unlike your concrete truck guy). But as you said, more is better than less, so I learned that it is best to always have some forms set up with rebar set and ready to go, to pour paving stones or sidewalk blocks with those extra bits of concrete. And then, in light of the building mound of other waste, what about putting these extra construction relics in the sidewalk blocks, both in the concrete as filler, but also on the surface. The concrete paving stone things would become a record of the construction process. Just a thought.

  4. Great suggestions! Both of those suggestions I think are awesome. Obviously, Plywood_Chair, you have experience. What a good idea to have forms ready!!

    And Kelly opens all sorts of other doors, not only by the suggestion, but also by mentioning about the burning. Now things like frames, chairs, curtains ... also come to mind.

    Oh the things one could do if one had the time. Building them into a panel for a synthesizer project ... !!! Sigh ... I need more time. So many projects that I don't think even retirement would help at this point :).

  5. Those plastic bits would be great reinforcing for stepping stones. I've made some from rhubarb leaves and threw in bits of wire and mesh. Tough to do in cold weather, however.

  6. You could make an outdoor boot mat by joining circles of various sizes:


  7. Anonymous thanks for the stepping stone idea.

    I see what you're getting at Dawn, cool idea. Thanks ;-)