Friday, November 12, 2010

Basement Gettin' Ready for Concrete

More or less 4" of rigid insulation!
I have to thank Philip Mees for helping out today, so we are almost ready for concrete tomorrow morning at 8am.  8AM!  That is why I'm an architect- how can one really pour concrete that early and on Saturdays too!
Anyway, Philip was instrumental in helping level the basement sand and installing the terrafoam rigid insulation that is 6" in places and 2" in others, where it covers some plumbing.  I'm not sure I would recommend 4" shiplap Terrafoam, as the shiplap was barely a shiplap and it only did that on the long edges.  I think we should have used 2 layers of 2" rigid that were properly shiplapped.
Now I have to go back for some night time poly laying and rebar-tying. Fun never stops!  I hope my car headlights light up the basement!

And the framers were on site again, getting more of the exterior upper floor walls on.  The volume is really taking shape.  I have to say it appears larger than life.   

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  1. Wow that is really starting to look amazing!

    Good luck tomorrow!