Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foundation Walls Are Poured!

August 26, 2010

The basement foundation walls have been formed and poured! Finally, some nice, hot weather! Here are some photos of progress and the Ken from Albrecht Construction getting the work done. He tells me a 1% plasticizer was added to the concrete mix- as it was a hot day and we
needed the concrete a little wetter than typical.

Now I hope we have the weeping tile and below slab plumbing get installed soon.

Also- a decision needs to be made on damp-proofing!

Should I use the tap/asphalt mopped on stuff?

Or use tar and a platon air gap membrance?

Or pay $2k more for a good peel&stick membrane!

Because we are at the top of the river bank and the water table is far below us, I'm leaning towards the one layer of tar and platon... I'll research and make a decicion by Aug. 29.


  1. Did you decide? Peel + Stick is only as good as the primer application - I think option 2 is the wisest choice for sure! tm

  2. Yup, made the decision yesterday to use option 2. The weeping tile guys went "huh?" when I mentioned peel & stick. Again, there is a wide gap between commercial and residential construction!


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