Sunday, August 22, 2010

The demolition party

The old house that was on the lot wasn't in great condition. Normally, re-using structure and materials is what I would consider first. But in this case, there was very little to reuse, as you might have noticed in the previous posts. We did manage to salvage old brick from the front porch as well as brick that was used as landscape edging. I am considering using the old brick to create a heavy wall behind the wood stove. This will help retain the heat and re-radiate it when the fire in the stove dies down. I hope I can find a mason to do it! Anyone know a good bricklayer? We will probably also use the brick as landscape paving or another more useful purpose.

We also removed some old doors- my friend Tyler wanted most of them and I managed to pry a couple of the single hung wood windows out.

We also managed to take out a stainless steel sink from the old kitchen, light fixtures, some of the copper piping, some steel pipe and other bits and pieces. Some of the items we can't find a good home for will likely go to the ReStore or Home Re-Usables.

Here are some photos of using the house for stress-relief.


  1. Shafraaz, I noticed that no one is wearing dust masks or respirators in the demo pix.
    Just a word of caution to anyone undertaking a demo or reno. The walls and roofs of old homes can hold dung from bats, birds, mice, squirrels and other critters. Anyone who works on or is in a building under demolition should wear a N95 filter mask at minimum, or a full face respirator. It is safer to err on the side of caution than to find yourself in hospital wearing an oxygen mask. - Jim

  2. Thanks Jim for the words of wisdome and years of experience. You're right to point out that we should be wearing dust masks. The "sledge hammer" part was basically just for fun- we didn't spend a whole lot of time indoors bashing the walls.

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