Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two steps forward, one step back...

Puddle on the floor.

Water was hugging the flue stack.
New caulking on the chimney flashing.

Well, it's good we discover little flaws now I guess. When it rained all night and most of Tuesday morning,  it revealed a little leak at the chimney flue. I found a nice puddle of water on the living room floor from where water found its way down.  I called our roofer, Al Schreiber, who was great about coming over in the afternoon.  So Al had a look and thinks it was the caulking around the vent pipe above the roof. He also put a better bead of caulking around the vent pipe flashing. I am still skeptical so we'll see if it will leak in the next rain, expected tomorrow.

Does it match my jacket?

I kinda' like it just white!
In a step forward, we are almost complete with mudding!  And the painter Al Hood from Sky Blue Contracting started!  Our walls and ceiling for the most part are a nice white colour of primer! I think we've finalized our colour selections for the walls. Adar was by far the most bold, choosing lime green walls and a dark blue ceiling. I'm pretty boring with charcoal and light grey. Serena, is well... We'll try to punch in some colour in places! I'll leave it at that.


  1. How is it after last night and today Shafraaz? It is better you find out now when it is easier to repair!

  2. After I covered the wall below the chimney and created a better drip to the fascia board of the west wall, it hasn't leaked at the chimney. So now I plan to peel & stick the enclosure wall for the chimney.