Monday, June 13, 2011

Party's over! Now get to work!

We are just recovering from our post-EcoSolar Home Tour glow. We had 177 people officially drop in on Saturday!  Four people came Sunday, because they didn't read the date correctly on the website.  We had a great time showing all who visited our place.  It's coming together!

But there are hundreds of little things to do. I spend my time chipping away at them.  Like tonight. I fixed the stud/drywall where it needed to stop short so a railing post could go in nicely.

And I relocated a junction box for a light that needed to be aligned with a kitchen light in the basement suite.

And I found more stuff for my taper to do!  Like cut out drywall where it is covering a fresh air duct!

 And I'm please to say we were able to get some new air barrier up on the back of the house. This time, it has some strapping holding it down! So, there is only a small section left to re-do. Phew! I'm glad, because it's suppose to rain for the next few days...Just 242 more things on the "to-do" list!

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