Friday, June 3, 2011

Railings in!

Dan and Jeff from River City Metalworks dropped off all the panels and installed the guard rails around the loft opening and stairs!  Now we can have people safely visit tomorrow!  There will be a couple panels that didn't get their power-coat finish, but the important part is they are in place.  And they are solid.


  1. Shafraaz,
    Congratulations to you and the crews for a great job. - Jim

  2. Shafraaz,

    I stopped by during the ecosolar tour on the weekend. Very impressive house. A question popped up since then - the opening between the third floor and the living room/kitchen area (it's in the image above) - how large is it? 10x15'ish?


  3. Thanks Evan for visiting! The opening is 12' x 10'-6" - why do you ask?

  4. Thanks.
    I liked the size and feel of the opening in the room. Not cavernous, while still feeling airy and open. Was just looking for the scale if I ever get around to designing a new house.