Sunday, June 26, 2011

Insulating for sound...

When we were working in the basement last weekend, I was able to hear the painter and his music upstairs. This was not good, as I don't want to hear our basement suite tenant, nor would I like for them to hear us. So, I kicked myself hard for not putting in mineral wool batts before we drywalled. 

So, instead, I really annoyed my taper/mudder.  I cored about 80 holes of 3.125" diameter in the basement ceiling and my good friend Sonny helped me blow in recycled newsprint insulation into the joist spaces over two very late evenings. It took 9 hours in total. In hindsight, it would have also been wise to have added resilient channels. Kick me again, please. I should have known better.

Sonny workin' the cellulose blower.

Holey ceiling.


  1. Hello Shafraaz,

    In the past few months, you have had several problems and setbacks with the house. Some of the problems were due to a failure of communication or a lack of supervision. Other faults may have resulted from inexperience in a particular area. These problems are expensive, frustrating, and discouraging. These are hard lessons.

    None of us is perfect. None of us knows everything. You are doing a great job. You have accomplished so much over the past year. Your house will be amazing when finished. One day, you, Serena and Adar will look back and laugh.

    The lessons you are learning today will make you a much better architect. Theory and design are one thing. Actual application can be completely different. Keep going and do your best. Remember the lessons. Good luck.

    Jim Merrithew

  2. Jim! I really, really appreciate your words of encouragement! I hope you will visit us in person one day!