Friday, June 3, 2011

Screw piles / Building porches!

 Landon, Dave & Devon [& Will too] built our front and back cedar porches today in the wet, windy weather. What troopers! Ahead of that, we had to put in six screw piles- three for the porches and three for the balcony off the kitchen.  It was quite a machine that drives the gigantic screws into the ground. It's too bad the soils are very silty clay around our house, as we needed extensions on the screw piles to get enough bearing pressure. So, they cost more than I expected.  But it didn't involve messy concrete mixing/pouring, etc.

By 5pm, the front and back porches [with no steps] were done.  They still have to finish them, seal them- but for tomorrow's tour, they are more than great!

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