Saturday, May 14, 2011

The first interior door installed! Yay!

Old doors have square hinges, so they need
to be hand-chiseled.
My father-in-law, Dwain, came to town and we spent the day putting up one of the doors I salvaged from a house that was demolished last summer. I posted about the truck full of doors here! I want to re-use 19 doors in the basement suite for bedroom doors and closet doors. I was hoping it would be relatively easy. Ummm, not so. 

First, we met to pick up the jamb & stop material at the local, very busy-on-Saturday building supply store.  We unloaded the material. We moved the salvage doors from the garage and proceeded to bring them into the basement.  Then we measured the rough openings.  Doh! The framer didn't follow my drawings that showed all the sizes I wanted the rough openings to be. And the drywaller didn't realize that the closets would have doors- so he put drywall over the rough openings, thinking we would do typical bifold closets. And the salvage doors are all odd dimensions like 31.75" Or 29.25" Not 31.0" or 24.0" or anything regular for quickly hanging the doors on the jambs that are sized to the nearest inch.

Lovely, dainty litte Yale door knobs and
 So, we finished one door. And cut to size 2 other doors.  And I spent a good while learning how to use a chisel properly [It's been a while since Industrial Arts class, way back in grade 9]. And this is why people don't bother to salvage/re-use as much as we should. It's a whole lot of work! But the results look great. And it's a great way to spend the day working.

Thanks also to Tyler to has carefully stored some doors for me as well as the hardware, which I picked up from him last night! Don't worry, I'll pay you back in other spare building materials!

The first interior door is hung! Yay!


  1. Looks a difficult job yet you accomplished it properly. Installing a door to promote the design of a house is a hard task to perform but a little help and knowledge on doing this will optimistically result to a lot of compliments.

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  2. perfect. once you get this figured out, i think i may cash-in on some help working in my basement by having you install the doors i've got kicking around the garage...

  3. I think that what you are doing is wonderful. It looks like building a house the most mindful way possible doesn't mean that it's the easiest way. I'm inspired. :)

  4. Thanks Our Pace. I hope you guys can come by on June 4th for the Eco Solar Home Tour. It'd be great to meet you. Our son will most likely choose not to be there though as it's too long for him. noon-4