Monday, May 9, 2011

We have epoxy floors! And some are black!

Rough spots I want to fill in with another
layer of epoxy.

The first spot of black being sprayed down! 
Right on the heals of drywalling, we had some help getting the floor epoxied on the basement, main and 2nd floor!  They are really shiny! And the main and 2nd floor are black!  We left the basement "natural" concrete, as it has an interesting "greenish/brown" colour to the aggregate and cement.

We still have to put down another [3rd] layer of epoxy, as I can still see some pits and rough spots that really need to fill in.

Looks like a space to live in!
Thanks to some elbow grease from Rita, Alex and Tyler!


  1. awesome. how does the black look in person? With the temperature picking up in the daytime, are you maintaining the heat at all hours, now?

  2. Hello Shafraaz,

    The floor looks great. I have a couple of questions about the application of the epoxy. Did you apply it using spray only, or did you also use brushes, rollers and squeegy?
    At the intersection of wall and floor, did the drywall wick up the epoxy?
    I like the bottom picture with the sunlight flooding through two storeys.
    Thanks. Jim

  3. I like the black~ and the gloss is a little on the reflective side. I'm wondering if we'll ask for more of a matte finish on the final coat of epoxy... We'll see if the gloss grows on us.

    And the temperature on the loft floor was 23 C without the windows open~ it's very warm on the 2nd floor too- but just opening the windows and letting the cross breeze through works wonders.