Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yay! Our Heliene Modules are here in town!

Clifton from Great Canadian Solar sent me this exciting photo of our 300 Watt Heliene solar modules! Somewhere in Edmonton [location is secret!] there is a crate of 16 of these lovely bits of mono-crystalline solar cells, aluminium and glass with our names on it!  Can't wait to see 'em up on the house! [But first, I need to get some siding up! Anyone know a good cement-board installer?]

And it comes just as we finished installing a PV sunshade at our building at work!  Check it out here!


  1. Hello from Heliene in Sault Ste. Marie, Northern Ontario.
    Please keep us posted with the installation and performance of our babies.
    All the best!

    Martin Pochtaruk
    Heliene Inc

  2. Looking good Shafraaz! Let me know if you still need a cement-board installer.

  3. Hello Martin!
    I'm glad you found our blog! Clifton and his team are hoping to have your babies up by the EcoSolar home tour on Saturday! Can't wait!

  4. Hello Chris,
    Yes- I still need a cement board installer. It's proving hard to find one that will send me a quote in a timely fashion. I also need a reasonable painter, someone who would like to do trim, and someone who might want to install allen block. It never ends!

  5. Things of beauty!!! Shafraaz they are 300 Watts per module right for a total of 6.4 kW? Where do you have the battery bank? I didn't notice when we were there, but was wondering if they are in the back left hand corner of the basement.

    Just curious!

  6. We have 16 modules at 300 Watts to total 4.8 kW of power.

    And it is grid-tied- so all our "extra" power goes back to the grid and is not stored in a battery bank. I am hoping at some point in the future, perhaps an "electric" car will serve as a battery.