Sunday, May 29, 2011

First railing in place! Getting ready for the EcoSolar home tour!

Dan and Jeff from River City Metalworks came by on Saturday to start installing the metal railings. The frames have been powercoated and the mesh inserted and they look awesome!

Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties. It seems that one of the panels was made too large for the opening by 1/4" and we entirely forgot to have one of the straight panels made.  Then one of the mudders stepped on another panel... So, Dan and Jeff have their work cut out for them this week to try and get them all finished. Fingers crossed we'll have them ready for the EcoSolar home tour!


  1. Shafraaz and Serena, Good luck on the house tour.
    Starlings like to nest in soffits. You may need to install some wire mesh/hardware cloth.

  2. So do Swallows ;)! I agree with Jim - wire mesh/hardware cloth is perfect.

    I wish I could be there on Saturday Shafraaz - have a wonderful time. I'm very proud that your home is part of the EcoSolar home tour!