Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sarika & Dr. Suzuki Drop By!!!

We were extremely fortunate and honoured to welcome Dr. David Suzuki and his daughter Sarika to our home for a tour! They are travelling across the country gathering stories for the Suzuki Diaries- and highlighting some interesting finds along the way. They brought their crew of the Nature of Things with them and visited the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence the day before. They wanted to see our re-use of materials like the brick wall, sub-zero-fridge doors, church pews turned to door casings and window seats and particularly our experiment with carbonized wood! They were keen to see how we used low-tech solutions for more ecologically friendly building. We were delighted to host them for a tour, while all the work was going on around them. It was an amazing day. 

Dr. Suzuki & I talking about low-tech
solutions,  the brick wall- and thermal mass.

He signed our inverter "For Mother Nature."

Even John Malkovich stopped by.
[Sarika made good friends with Allan,
who seems to have an uncanny resemblance.]
Sarika loved the SubZero pantry doors.

Adar got one of his books signed!

Group shot!
End-of-tour beers on the balcony!

Waving goodbye!

We were still buzzing at night and went for a walk to see if
the adrenaline would die-down. Serena took this photo from
the Goldbar bridge.


  1. Hey Shafraaz, Serena and Adar,

    A year ago, when you began this journey, did you ever dream that Dr. Suzuki would drop by cause he was in the neighbourhood?

    - Jim

  2. Totally amazing! Congrats on having your hard work noticed.