Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Family Feast!

We had our first family feast last night- to celebrate my Dad and brother's birthday.  I wish it were in cleaner/tidier circumstances, but that's the way a sliding deadline goes.

** By the way, our blog posts are not as frequent as I'd like because we have no internet/phone connection at our new house. One of the stupidest, silliest mistakes was not to have a "mast & pulley" installed for the phone service. So, we'll see how much of an adventure that installation will be tomorrow.

Yum! bar-b-q dinner and more!
kids enjoying a make-shift bench.
Yay! Some siding finally on the south side. And look!
The metal is almost done too!


  1. Ah, so this is why I keep getting "The number you are calling is not in service. Please try again." Hopefully, this situation will be rectified soon!


  2. By the way, "mast & pulley"? Silly me, I thought telephone lines began running underground in the 1970s...

    Silly Dawn

  3. should be getting lots of hits,ive just emailed my whole contact list on your big visit!!
    luv zara