Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ain't it done yet?

We're still living in the basement. And working. Finally, though, I can write a blog post because we now have internet access!  Yay!  It's been more than a month without internet service- unless I tethered my phone. But on the weekend, my data plan on the phone was tapped out. So, thank goodness today the Cable Guy who apparently lives in the neighbourhood came and installed our internet service! Amazing, how no internet kinda' does weird things to communication.

Anyway, here's the latest:

Yay! the corrugated metal is done! And you probably
can't see it, but there is a black mesh preventing birds from
roosting under the PV awning.

Yay! Malkovich fixed the bad dent on the exterior deck door!

The carbonized wood soffit!

Soffit turns into fascia.

The signed bit of fascia installed by our special guests!

Sunrise over Suncor. Or is it Mordor?

Exterior is 97% done!

Interior deck wall gets Hardie'd.

Another sunrise over Mor... I mean Suncor.

So far, our PV system says it's saved 2240 lbs of CO2.
Do you believe it? Does it know we use coal-fired
plants here in Alberta?
And today the bulk of the concrete
countertop was installed! Yay!

The orange sink looks awesome on the
charcoal grey concrete counter.

And we're very, very close to being able to use the
induction range. What should be our first meal?


  1. Awesome photos! Are you guys OK with random visits or are you still swamped with projects? I'd love to see the house, inside and out. We'll see if my house deal goes through, then it'll be my turn for 2 years of reno hell.

    I love the view of Mordor!


  2. Looking great! I like the soft to fascia transition, it looks sharp.

  3. ^ ...errr, should say "sofit"....(Oh, I see it now. The comment box - or my Mac - auto-corrects 'sofit' to soft. Interesting.)

  4. Hey Sandra!
    Yes, we are totally OK with random visits! Hope to see you soon!

    Hey Dave O.: Thanks for the compliments~ we're very pleased at the result of the soffits- although our siding guy was cursing how warped some of the carbonized wood is.

  5. Hey Shafraaz, I've just read thru most of your blog about the house. Serena mentioned you had one after I suggested the two of you write a book about your adventures building your home.

    I feel privileged to be a small contributor in the completion of your very unique net zero home. I really admire the lengths you have gone to to re purpose, re use, recycle and generally avoid using new materials when not necessary.

    Knowing I've had a small part in a home that is going to help preserve a "good life" for generations to come is very satisfying.

    Please let me know of an ETA for the feature tile as soon as you know, so I can work it in to my schedule.

    Take care,

  6. Awesome, the project, the goal!