Thursday, October 20, 2011

Off to a posi+ive start!

I was ecstatic when I opened up our electrical bill for the period of Aug. 21 to Sept. 21! We were a net generator of electricity!  We used 263 kWh living in the basement- and with our trades using electricity to run their various saws, compressors, etc.
We generated 550 kWh, according to the utility bill. And our cost after all the rate riders, delivery charges, etc. was $3.26. I'm hoping the utility will PAY/credit US sometime!

Look Ma! The water boils in less than a minute!
Also in exciting news, we are having fun cooking our meals on an induction range. It was astounding how quickly water comes to a boil! Serena made pasta with a delicious bison meatballs, cherry tomato and garlic sauce. Yum!

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