Monday, August 15, 2011

Super productive weekend!

Basement kitchen. Almost done!

First coat of polyurethane on gym floor!

Thanks to my Dad, Greg, Tyler and David, & Dave, we had a super productive weekend. Now the basement kitchen is fairly close to being done, and most of the upper floor kitchen is put together. With one small hiccup. The drawer base doesn't fit next to the fridge. I can't believe it- it's 1" too big. Doh!

Almost all the lights have been hung, thanks to my Dad, who also put up the closet shelving/organizer in our bedroom.

Also, we moved our first trailer full of boxes over! Thanks to Matt, who lent me his truck while he was on vacation. I originally wanted to move in this weekend, as I was anticipating have full plumbing- but it was not to be. No sinks, no hot water. Next weekend, perhaps?

[I don't have a lot of photos because I kept busy getting things done!]

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