Friday, August 12, 2011

Reclaimed gym floor for the loft [homeschooling] room!

I'm pretty thrilled at how well the reclaimed gym floor turned out. Kudos to Dave, Rob and Dave for a great job so far. We still need to fill in some of gouges and gaps before varnish.


  1. WOW!!! This is too excellent. I love the way the court lines give random colour.

  2. Ya, we're pretty stoked it turned out so well. Relieved actually as we thought we might need to sand to smooth the floors even and stain. It's very fun as is!

  3. Hello Shafraaz and Serena,
    You are making amazing progress. The reclaimed gym floor is very creative and fun. A party game would be to identify the areas of the gym that each board came from, e.g Basketball Key - sides/top, etc.
    How wide and thick are the boards?

  4. Hello Jim,
    The gym hardwood is 2.25" wide by 0.75" thick. Thanks for the suggestion for games to play with the gym floor!

  5. I was skeptical on how the gym floor would look. From the pic, it looks really cool!! Mom was raving that it turned out really well too.

    Awesome progress! :))