Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kitchen progess [at least one of them]

Barry just completing the first wall hung cupboard!

Brandy showing off her handiwork.
Today, Barry, Brandy and I made some good progress on the basement kitchen!

Only a couple setbacks:

1. Ikea gave us the wrong range hood cupboard- it should be a 30" wide by 24" high type- not 24" wide x 18" high. Doh!

2. Ikea didn't give us enough legs for the cabinet bases. Perhaps they though we were anchoring the base cabinets directly to the wall an only needed the front set of legs?

and if the rule is 3 trips to the building supply store to get enough parts/pieces, I think the rule for Ikea is about double that.


  1. re: IKEA cabinet legs: It has been a while, but I seem to remember that base cabinets share their legs with neighbouring cabinets. Added advantage: this ensures that adjacent cabinets line up vertically. Could explain your missing legs. Cheers, Philip

  2. Thanks Philip- We tried to share as many legs with adjacent cabinets as we could. But we still ran out. Oh well.