Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another big push.

Corrugated metal went up on the front and
north side of the house!

Main floor vanity hung! And I hope to use an LVL
[laminated veneer lumber] as the counter top, after it is
stained and epoxyed. The LVL was left over from the
framing of the roof!

The 2nd floor shower was started! The tile
installer built up the curb and slope to drain.

The Schluter drain installed. 

The HRV preheaters were forgotten about during
the electrical rough-in. So we had to put in some BX cable
at the base of the loft floor that dropped down into the
HRV closet. Doh!

Here's the red-orange cast iron sink we salvaged from
an old house. It's put on top of the plywood that will be the
base of the concrete counter-top.

Range hood in place! We should have made
sure there was sufficient blocking before
drywall. Doh!

I added closet organizers to the front & back
door closets. They are already in use!

This is the small glitch that prevented us from
full-scale moving of boxes. The right side of
the gym floor is glossy finish, while the left
is matte. Hmmm....

Not a great photo- but this was an amazing
flock of gulls over our house and Gold Bar
park. I think there were thousands of them-
they filled the sky! 


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